Copper Fox Event Center


The Details.

Things you need to know:


What is required to hold my date?

We book and hold dates with a signed contract and the non-refundable deposit paid (20% of your rental total). 50% of the remaining balance is due 6 months prior to your event date, and the remaining balance is due 3 months prior to your event date. Once we narrow down the details, we will send you the contract for review.

We require a $500 damage deposit (paid by check) to be turned in 30 days prior to your event. This check will only be cashed if damage to the property exists. If no damage, the check will be returned to the client.  

Are there any additional costs?

Your venue rental rate is for the space only. Any additional costs associated with the event, such as; catering, rental, floral, A/V, entertainment, signage, staffing, setup/breakdown, beverage, desserts, etc are at the discretion of the client and are to be paid for by the client, in addition to the venue rental rate.

The venue does come with a base amount of tables and chairs, these are not an additional fee and are included in the cost to rent the space.

Are there any items not allowed in the facility?

Unless approved in advance, you cannot change the venue in any manner, you cannot permanently fix or attach anything to walls/ceilings/fixtures, place any nails/hooks/fixtures, and no glitter or confetti shall be used inside the premises.

All flames must be enclosed - fireworks and sparklers are not permitted inside, any outside sparklers must have a container with water or sand to dispose of.

Is the CFEC a smoke-free facility? 

Copper Fox is a smoke-free facility, and complies with all statues, ordinances, rules and regulations issued by Federal, State and Municipal governments, including all rules in the City of Richmond.  

When can I get in to start setup?

Your rental time starts at 9:00 AM EST (Sat/Sun events), 12:00 PM EST (Mon-Fri events), you can come in starting then to begin setup. Rentals end at 10:00 PM, with two hours to clean up (until 12AM) unless otherwise approved in advance.

Deliveries from vendors must be made the day of your event, we do not have the ability to store items delivered prior to the event date. If your event is on a Sunday or holiday, special deliveries will need to be planned in advance.

What does the Venue manager do?

Our venue manager will work with you in advance of the event to ensure you have every question about the venue answered. They will be on-site starting at setup, through the duration of the event. This way if anything should arise regarding power, HVAC, etc, on-site they are there to help.

*Please note, the venue manager is not responsible for setup, breakdown, event planning, management, coordination, or any other such service - unless contracted additionally for these services.*


The team at Copper Fox Event Center encourages all renters and their guests to stay safe. We may require permits, licenses, and other documentation from any vendor working in our facility. Failure to provide these documents may cause a vendor to be refused permission to work on property.

CFEC encourages all clients to get additional insurance for their event. We can provide contact information for an event insurance rider (or umbrella policy), this protects you, your guests, and your property.

Do I have to take everything with me that night?

Yes, any décor items or personal items must be taken with you that night. You have two hours post-event to breakdown and clean up. Any additional time outside of this will be billed to the client at a rate of $250 per hour.


LexEffect is the venue manager for Copper Fox. LexEffect will manage the calendar and event bookings, but are not the exclusive event manager/planners. You do not have to hire them to manage or plan your event. All billing for the venue will run through LexEffect. All wedding & event planners are welcome at Copper Fox!


Copper Fox offers on-site parking, reserved for our renters and their guests. Copper Fox is not responsible for lost or stolen items, we encourage you to lock your car doors and not leave anything of value inside.

Cars can be left overnight, but must be picked up by 10:00 AM the next morning. Copper Fox cannot guarantee parking in the front of the shopping center, please look for signs for rules in those lots.

Can you recommend vendors?

Copper Fox works with hundreds of Central Kentucky vendors for any event needs. We have a preferred list of vendors we are happy to share with you, but you can use any vendor you want that meets previously mentioned requirements.

The CFEC is not responsible for vendors, their services, pricing, offerings, or quality and are not responsible for any vendor contracted by the client.


Liability & Risk

  • The conduct of all guests, participants, and spectators while on COPPER FOX property shall be the responsibility of the renter. The renter also accepts all responsibility for any injury to person(s) or property, or loss of or damage to property or theft of personal property on COPPER FOX grounds. Renter shall release, indemnify, keep and save harmless, COPPER FOX, its agents, officers, and employees from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all damages or injury or any kind of nature whatever (including death) to all persons, whether agents or employees of renter or persons attending the events/functions for which the premises have been leased and to all the property damage proximately caused by, incident to, resulting from, arising out of, occurring in connection with, the use by the renter of the premises. The provisions of this section shall include any and all losses, damage, injuries, settlements, judgments, decrees, awards, fines, penalties, claims, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees. Renter agrees to abide by the directions, instructions, or other actions undertaken by security or COPPER FOX personnel during the term of the preparation for and during the actual event in its entirety.

How To Find Us

If coming from Lexington - take I75 to exit 87, turn left off the exit ramp. Go down .2 miles and the University Shopping Center is onyour right. Drive towards the McCallisters and look for the COPPER FOX EVENT CENTER signs (you will drive in between two buildings, to the back side of the center). Parking is reserved for our events and their guests only.